About Us

Endo Finance plc was incorporated on 20 November 2018 as a public limited liability company, registered in terms of the Companies Act with company registration number C 89481 and is domiciled in Malta, having its registered office at 10, Timber Wharf, Marsa MRS 1443, Malta. The company, which was set up and established to act as a finance company, has as at the date hereof an authorised and issued share capital of €250,000 divided into 250,000 ordinary shares of €1 each, all fully paid up. At present, the shares in the Issuer are subscribed to and held as indicated in sub-section 9.1 of the Registration Document.

The team

  • Christopher Frendo
    Executive Director
    After completing his education at St. Edwards College, Malta in 1997, Christopher joined his father to help run the Palm Group family business. He steadily learnt the fundamentals about the shipping industry by working in different roles within the Palm Group. Christopher is an experienced executive manager able to scope, plan and implement large scale projects to high standards of quality. The hard work and experience Christopher gained over the years led him to the position he currently holds, which is that of director across all companies forming part of the Palm Group.
  • Nicholas Frendo
    Executive Director
    After completing his education at St. Edwards College, Malta in 1999, Nicholas joined his father and eldest brother to help run the Palm Group family business. He followed in his brother’s footsteps and quickly mastered the core intricacies relating to the shipping industry, by holding different roles within the Palm Group. His willingness to adapt and aptitude for hard work helped Nicholas gain the knowledge and experience needed to enable him to progress to the position he currently holds as a director on all companies comprising the Palm Group. Nicholas was awarded a Certificate in Tanker Chartering from the Lloyd’s Maritime Academy in 2008.
  • Anthony Busuttil
    Independent, non-executive Director
    After completing his education at St. Edward’s College, Malta in 1969, Anthony joined Norman Spiteri & Co and Busuttil & Busuttil as a trainee accountant and auditor. In 1971, he joined Mid Med Bank plc (formerly Barclays Bank International) where he undertook various clerical, supervisory and managerial roles, being predominantly involved in trade activity. Anthony was appointed Trade Services Manager in 1994 and was actively involved in the setting up and opening of a Mid Med Bank plc representative office in Dubai (UAE) in 1998. Anthony was also awarded the Mid Med Bank plc employee of the year award in 1998, in recognition of his contribution towards Maltese export initiatives. Anthony joined HSBC Bank Malta plc in 1999 wherein he occupied the position of Head of Trade and Supply Chain and took an early retirement in 2009. From 2009 till 2013 Anthony took on a consultancy role within Lombard Bank, wherein he was entrusted with the setting up of a Trade Finance department.
  • Francis Gouder
    Independent, non-executive Director
    Francis has extensive experience in the financial service industry having worked for 45 years in the banking sector, where he has held various appointments at different levels. Francis joined Barclays and also worked for Mid Med Bank, HSBC and Banif Bank. Francis presently holds a number of non-executive directorships on listed entities.
  • Erica Scerri
    Independent, non-executive Director
    Erica attended Nottingham Trent University to pursue an education in accounting and finance and, after completing all examination papers in December 2005, joined Andrew Galea and Associates as a trainee accountant. Erica became a full member of the ACCA after having completed the 36 months’ work experience and proceeded to focus on her career in financial services. In 2010 Erica moved into private enterprise working as a finance manager within an international group of companies.